Linen and Lace Tablecloths

Here are some tablecloth ideas for Lace on Linen tablecloth or Linen and Polyester blend tablecloths that are still a luxury pick.  The fabrics are all imported from Europe to make even the Polyester fabric a luxury good. Fabrics from Europe are processed with Eco friendly remedies.  Matouk is a manufacturer who created these fine lacy table linens so we are happy to list some of their picks.
 Brussels lace is on White or on Ivory Linen or blended fabrics. As you notice the
larger items such as tablecloths have 2 rows of lace while the napkin only 1.
Ricamo lace inset on Linen in White or in Ivory
Guipure lace on White with layers depending on Tablecloths size. Napkins only 1.
 Lucerne layered look for stunning table linens.
Mirasol- custom made with tapes of many colors! Trendy YES
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