Peter Reed bed linens

Peter Reed of England created the fabrics white with threads count starting 180, 220, 250, 300, 400, and 500 from their own cotton grown in England. Over the years, they have found it more productive to gather their fabric from Italy. Italy is the producer of the Egyptian cotton weaving their cultural and exquisite ways.  The cotton fabric is then embroidery fashioned in England.  How should this be considered? Well, it is extremely meant for the high end shopper. Even at the 220 thread count level, the embroidery will take and really last forever and make an heirloom proud to leave the Grandkids.  Laundered and cared for in the right manor, the sheets will be just fabulous and create a whole new sense of how to purchase sheets.
 Not everyone needs a night time high thread count sleeping set of sheets to get the rest they require. Percale is a simple weave that most search and acquire from being "used" to this sheets.  If you prefer a high quality percale but not a high thread count white sheet, choose this Peter Reed. Then you can have fun choosing the embroidery style. Embroidery can be done in many colorways and many patterns. Although you cannot re create your own style the embroidery patterns are very acceptable.
 Choose your source for purchasing the Peter Reed bed sheets in a place that has sold them for some time. That is the best avenue to take to ensure delivery and even in stock items that could have been on a sale. Experimenting with new items that may cost allot down the lane is best with the exploration first either in purchasing them on sale or making the small purchase of pillowcases.  It works, and be sure to get good results with out feeling like you just spent on a bedding item that will never be in use for your dollars spent.

Peter Reed - 2 row embroidery on crisp white sheets.

Peter Reed - embroidery thread colors
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