January time to shop the sales

January is the sale month for all the left over items that just was over purchased or somehow missed on the shelf at your local favorite shopping store resource center.  Sort of a nice thing, a nice treat after shopping for everyone to be able to score great purchases for the home on sale.
 One sale we find very shopped is the Italian bedding company called SFERRA, we love their linens as proven USA quality tested and quantified.  You can find bedding from all sorts of fabrics starting with the hotel line, Grande Hotel to the desireable and elite Giza45 fabrics.
 I think to just go and find this brand and shop it till you find your favorite makes it something to look forward to in January. Here is their lead photo. 


Shop January sales, I think this really is the time where some stores need that after Holiday over purchase relief. Of course, only if you can, I don't recommend putting the finances in jeopardy.  IT is tempting but we all know just silly.  Grande Hotel bed sheets really can make the difference, try a set. The hotel line is very nice.
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