How to locate long lengths in Tablecloths online

Fashion tablecloths first of all, are hard to find. Can you believe? When the era days of 50's and 60's were happening all we saw were tablecloths and napkins at every table setting for dinner. Grandma always had tablecloths granted time to launder for them was easily had.  The next generation had tablecloths, and so on. Nowadays, I went to a fund raiser where someone approached a table selling tablecloths and said "does anyone use these anymore?". Well the answer was yes, i guess so.  Any direction you think around this concept comes the dillema of sizes. If you give up just even thinking about buying a tablecloth because your table is that long and that length that never had a sized tablecloth ready to buy. Don't want to custom create and pay, yes this is doing the right thing by just searching and finding online as they do exists.

see the beautiful plain or patterned longer tablecloths that can be on the ready to purchase list. Last minute and all, it can be done,at times but not always. I would plan ahead if possible. And, get a spare one to keep on hand for when stains take over and then is just useless to try again. happens to the best of fabrics. Always a good idea to be keeping that Le Blanc Linen wash around the laundry center.

Longer tablecloths: nice! (AND Wider too)
Plain Italian linen with hemstitch hems in white or ecru

More longer selections:
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