Finding the perfect bath towel

Bath towels are not a big topic yet can be a time consuming search within big stores, online websites, and your local down the street home good supplier.  I find that bath towels are best found and re ordered when needed in that same great style. If you worry, then buy what you need plus extras for the shelf.
 One idea is space availability in the home. Newer construction homes have limited space for bath towels that are super bulky. Taking up all the room, so maybe you purchase 1 or 2 sets each.  This is fine, if you love bulky towels. If you are not so into them, try waffle weave all cotton or cotton/linen blended towels. The towels are thinner and leave more room on the shelf. Some great waffle weave towels are made in Germany called: Petite Waffle by Leitner. The towels are basic waffle weave in a petit weave and then a jumbo weave. Only white and ecru so don't worry about them fading over time. They last and come in many sizes for bath, hand, and matts. You can mix and match as well. Leitner petite waffle - jumbo waffle ecru.


Another great selection that has proven a best seller are the Terry cloth bath towels from Germany
Thicker in nature bath towels plus more expensive so please use the Towel wash by SDH. To guarantee their best shelf life and absorbence, use the recommened SDH wash. Lots of rules? Not really, it will be routine in no time as you get used to this life style of luxury bath towel scene.  They are really worth the spend.

See all the finest towels and make your choice, you can try out a washcloth or a hand towel before making that big purchase. Enjoy looking into this as it will be a lifetime change into the blissful soft/durable and enjoyable relax after your favorite showertime or luxury soak in the tub. Maybe just even, cleaning up after work or before turning in for the day.  Bath towels are great for children to enjoy as well. It gets them used to being worth the time even more plus being clear of those chemicals used in other manufacturing.

Waffle weave or Terry cloth, bathing is an adventure to be a luxury just like bedding and vacations!
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