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Now that you have decided to add Monograms to your linen thoughts cross your mind as to whether to use the First, Middle or Last initial or maybe all 3.  Here is a quick guide to help the decision making process, of course, since Monograms are personal the choice is totally up to you! Read more

Pivoines - Peony - Bright and cheerful design. Bed linens are now a thing to give for the perfect "Girl Gift"! Find some beautiful florals that you may like to add to your gift giving closet. Read more

Easter time with it's magic provided by us learning about our ancestory and how to apply the teachings to our daily lives in a successful way is the most splendid. Read more

See our beautiful photos from Leanne.  Leanne has shopped with F& B Specialty Linen since living in Japan sometime ago.  Thank you Leanne! Read more

Garnier Thiebaut provides to the stores that sell their products of Tablecloths, Napkins and Kitchen towels a sale event called Trunk show. This sale event has a 20% off the priced goods for like 1 week. I find it a great find in today's world to gather all table linens.  Read more

Beauville has created beautiful tablecloth screened by hand and coloration perfection delicates once again. See their Beauville Spring sensational just launched and ready to order linens.  One in particular caught our eye for the stylishness of my Grand mother who knew the best only arrived in bundles! Read more

France seems like so far away yet taking the plunge to travel abroad in these very questionable times proved to be very good.  Paris is always a delightful site to see and enjoy year round. January travels are less expensive with the flights and hotels plus the sales are enormous. See what we saw in a nutshell blog post. Read more

We just returned from the most fabulous show featuring the New LJF linens from France. Wait until you see them in their glory and splendor of achieving a level of Luxury plus.  Dining and Kitchen ware can only be rewarded now. Save time to shop for your favs. Read more

Spring should be the time to seek and find the best tablecloth to adorn your table for all the up and coming festivities.  Surprise yourself with a classic jacquard French tablecloth in striking cobalt blue. See this beautiful tablecloth in your home-Pantheon cobalt blue. Read more

Down comforters are great. I cannot say enough about the pluses of owning a nice comfortable down comforter paired with nice down pillows.  How to choose the right one can be a chore. Be sure that once you decide, you will be happy for a very long time using this great down product. Read more
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