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 Margaret's Linens blog is created from the presence of the website F&B Specialty Linen.  As you know, F&B Linen, as we shorten the name for website recognition (www.fblinen.com) first went live about 19 years ago as a pioneer website for shopping.  Basically,  the linens have been consistent from SFERRA Italian linens, Le Jacquard Francais French table and kitchen linens, Matouk Linens, SDH, Beauville, and many more brands we have grown to love.  Our linen talk stems from the many years of importing these fabulous luxurious endless linens.    France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, and yes Turkey are the major countries.
    I will start by talking a little bit about the real sense that linens are endless.  Linens have been and always will be a main element in each and every one of our lives be it hand me downs from generation to generation to newly purchased over the top luxury linens that will make even our ancestors proud.  Linens are the fibers of life that we can accumulate and accumulate and know that they are welcome in any generation to come.  I have so many vintage style linens that have been left to me from my Great Aunt who upon arriving to USA started selling linens.
   Oh , and who is Margaret why the Founder of our Linen imports from the early 1900's.  Along with Frances Doberstein, she developed the mind set for bigger things to happen for local shoppers and it worked!  Now over 100 years ago, we are here to keep it in the news!

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