Beauville floral table linens

Beauville starts to create their floral table linens from actual products that grow in the fields where they are located in Alsace France.  Traditional and family owned and operated, Beauville concrete depiction of florals can make or break your next party.  See the full Hydrangea prints in vibrant and true colors of blues, yellows, and greens. Agapanthes in white with green and a dark outline of charcoals brings the plain colors into focus.  Of course, the ever present Poppy pattern in Red or the Potager pattern in both all cotton or cotton coated are a must.
 The fabric used in making the linens is bought on the open markets, woven, tested, satinized, and screen printed all within the boundaries of this factory.  Details are met with cool eyes to ensure the exclusive and expensive linens are pristine. Never will you find a flaw, there is not a work to correct here as the work itself is flawless.  Base fabrics are always white, bleached and preserved in a true white magnificent white before any process is done.  Colors are saturated to make the linens color fast, however, I would not test them too much with picnic settings.
 How to choose your next Beauville linens really depends on your budget. Although all are beautiful, the most colorful exquisite patterns can set you back around $500.00 for a 67x67 square.  Most ranges start around $250.00 and up.  As most patterns are true to scale, the napkins may only be made in solid colors to co ordinate with your linens. They are precious with using around 5 colors to make them.  Price range is $26.00 or so, size contant at 21x21 inches square. Yes, all sizes are in inches to cater to the US markets. Centimeters would be great to list too.  If you are trying to decide between a few patterns best to purchase the placemats and mix and match them.
 Beauville creates kitchen dishtowels too. The towels are combinations of linen and cotton or just 100 % linen. Each is descriptive of the season at hand.  Christmas markets are a big event in Alsace so I would definately recommend purchasing the Christmas towels they create. You will always be the giver of the most fabulous. Even a Calender for the year has the Christmas heart in mind.  Christmas markets draw millions of people each year to make the next trip to Alsace necessary in December.  If you have to miss this market, try travelling during the Spring to catch the sales in the outdoors markets. Eat shredded veggies with each meal and drink the White wine of the region.
 If you are planning a visit to Alsace, we would love to hear your adventures!

Coated placemats Jardin in green

Palais Royal in original
New Floral Fall 2015
HORTENSIASblue-1700.jpgHortensia in blue- napkin blue-Placemat Hortensia
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