How to purchase a Mattress pad

Mattress pads are an everyday items that can be purchased at any department store, luxury store, or bedding supply store.  How to choose the right one can be an issue as you discover oddities in them.  That being the issue, how do you pick one that will make the sleep experience even more comfortable for you.  We have a good handle on how to approach this issue and possibly solve that part of choosing bedding.
 Mattress pads purpose is basically to protect your mattress.  As mattress costs become more and more expensive with the saying that "8 years is their life span" protecting them is a good thing.  Amongst other issues of purchasing the mattress not off the shelf, have it made and secured nowadays with a plastic covering all around. This prevents contaminants that have placed themselves prominent in the news.  Allergies mean vacumming the mattress off every so often.  Dust mites are an issue as we shed and have pollen everywhere.  But how to solve all these issues and maintain a good sleep experience?  It is mind boggling. Trust your source and don't be shy about it.
 We have found a great mattress pad in the Pacific Coast Feather Egyptian cotton with expanding 22" sides to encompass the mattress.  The PCF mattress pad has 2 inches of ultimate poly thickness to add comfort.  Machine washable and hypo allergenic, this Egyptian cotton mattress pad is great.  You can find them online on the website , or PCF website.  Warranty is good when purchased anywhere.

If you prefer all Natural fibers for your bed linens selections, We have found that the Wool Mattress pad solves a bunch of issues for the sleeper who has more than allergy and comfort troubles.  Wool is a natural fiber that is great at wicking.  Wicking is a term used with taking the moisture away from something. Some other items with wicking qualities that you should seek are some types of clothing or Bath towels. Wicking is important with those items and also in bed linens.  The wool mattress pad imported from Europe is an excellent choice for people who are running a bit warm in the sleep experiences.  As you can see from this fabulous photo that this mattress pad is totally natural and well worth the hefty price tag.  Laundering is not necessary but if you do choose, choose a dry cleaner you trust.  In this photo all natural products are available but pricey, so look to the right side for the Mattress pad and start there.  King size is $527.00.
Lovely product I always take for granted! What size do you buy for a Full size mattress?
1/1/2016 11:44:21 PM