I found a perfect blue Tablecloth set

Shopping for Tablecloths other than white or ivory say those neutrals can be a challenge if you don't bring your China along for comparison and match.  I find that to keep the focus in check is always bring along the plate.

I find this blue so show special in tablecloth and napkins because it just goes with the finest of china plates.  It is French so of course it is not an inexpensive find.  If you can find a blue that is just perfect, I would say to mention this as it is definitely difficult to shop for out there in stores.  We left the photo large to really emphasize what we mean.  Persina, French made, Cotton Tablecloth with matching Napkins is beautiful. Plus it arrives to the USA in that sought after long sized Tablecloth of 163 inches. We always love this size!!!  Of course, if you like Persina but need a more neutral there is the Gold.  See them and find your best pick!

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