New Home Decor for 2023

During the Home Decor fashion forward online shopping express era we experienced during 2020, I find it time to really take inventory on what just happened.  Seeing the New Year bring so much change in 2023 means that we are not out of the woods.  We are in for many changes in transportation and in living expenses.

If you are the home body type to just prepare your home for your family and guests, finding the right blend can be a challenge.  Blending the old with the new to keep everything fresh and modern can be fun. I have been looking at many tutorials on the more simple ideas such as adding little plants, rearranging furniture to make better lighting, and just those types of things.  We really don't need to buy a bunch of tools just plan ahead in the slower months by planting seed packages or finding on sale bulbs and fabrics.

A very good cheat chart for in home florals, especially if they just don't do well for you, is the French fabrics that can be easily framed or hung with fabric hangers.  I like to think of a nice sized 20x30 Tea Towel can add florals in vibrant shades of jewel tones or pastels.  Framing can be done by finding in the storage bin some type of frame with or without glass. Sometimes, to see and see the light reflect on the fabrics is better than hiding behind glass.  If you live in the true Winter cold regions a nice tropical wall hanging could be just the answer.
New Equator by Le Jacquard Francais arrives in 2023 in blue, green, and in orange.  French Linens are of the more detailed and designer fashion forward look that can truly add to your home decor. Prices are around $28.00 each to lend an easily purchased new art look.


Equator in orange

If you are a fan of Chocolate like me, This new fabric called "Chocolats Feve" in brown maybe the look you need to add as well.  Chocolats arrives in 3 choices for colorways and in another pattern as well.  I think the future of the Home Decor will be prety amazing by adding some lovely fabrics that are versitle and decorating at the same time.  They also make a wonderful gift for your favorites.

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