DEA Italian bed design Farfalle

DEA importer and creator if you will of Fine Luxurious Italian Duvet Covers and Pillow shams in delicate fluttery Farfalle butterflies in multi colors.  Farfalle is beautiful soft representative of the butterflies that you love to see time and time again.  Now as a pattern that can be reproduced in Italy, order yours with the wait time of only 8 weeks or less. Don't wait too long as August thought to be the hottest month is when Italy takes her break for their factory.

Farfalle butterfly Duvet cover and Pillow shams

Italian printed Duvet Covers are perfect in every way as the patterns are assured with no misprints. Quality if anything is always first class in every aspect. Noticing the blue coverlet? This is the beautiful Vienna 6 in a custom color. Find all your finest quality first class DEA bedding at F&B Specialty Linen website.
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