Getting read for Fall 2021 celebrations

Now that we are getting vaccinated for a health start into our new generation of livelihood and travels, I find that joy and happiness can be had just with simply adding a colorful well made durable French linens set.

A advocate of linen is what I am so that this new pattern I found called Casual (how nice) is nothing like it's name.  I find the pattern traditional and woven very well for durable years of uses.  Plus, the French have a coating in acrylic added to the linen surface to create a waterproof seal. Just wipe them clear with water.

Here is a sneak peak into fall 2021 Casual coated Tablecloths. You can find them on the website  Listed under the Le Jacquard Francais coated Tablecloth or Coated Placemats.
Casual is Linen fabric jacquard woven with a floral pattern so delicate and now stain resistent.  The Napkins are always all Linen to be absorbent. That is important.  Isn't this so nice to see all the accessories to really beautify a room be it outdoors or indoors, summer to fall seasons.


Casual pattern has co ordinates: Casual Flower coated Placemats, Casual Ethnic 
coated Placemats, and Casual stripes coated Placemats. Each unique design has unique
colorations to be complementary to each other.  Napkins are offered in the Casual with
the floral design and easily work in as well.  Try some and be amazed.

Seemingly, another to really consider is the French Tea towels, those are new Fall 2021.

See them and stock up!


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