Beach towels for Pools and Beaches

Beach towels are offered in various fabrics from light weight waffle weave to thick terrycloth and then there is velour.  Velour is thickest softest yet takes longest to dry.  We like to offer advise for the other 2 weaves.  The best is the waffle woven thin easiest to dry Beach towels for the Poolside to the designer beaches.  Le Jacquard Francais has mastered the trend look for this type of beach towels. From boats to pools, you will see these beautiful well made waffle weave towels, easiest to add a co ordinate waffle weave bath hand towel or guest towel to keep you in style.  Little hand towels are great for many additional needs when out in the water.

Beach Towel;



Shop wonderful colorful upscale desiger Beach Towels that will be the best summertime
gift to your self.  You will enjoy the finest level of showing off at the pool, beach, yacht. 

If you like to stock up for the poolhouse, find a discount that can be offered and get the 
towels in the quantity that you need.  In case prices change, you will be set.

SFERRA Tropea is a nice thick terrycloth beach towel

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