What is Legna bedding?

Legna wood fiber is a very intricate and highly regarded trademark of SDH where it just flies off the shelf in those Galleria stores.  You can find SDH Legna just about anywhere those lovely Italian sheets are found.  Legna is made strictly in determined mills in Italy of materials that are managed in Italy.  That is why you will hear or read the term "managed forest of Italy" Legna eucalptus wood fiber.  It is strong and silky just puddles when dropped.

Legna can be priced competitive most will have same pricing for each item to keep it sold evenly through the states online and in stores.  Legna classic is a solid offered in many colorways with new colorways announced here and there.  Legna has patterned designs to mix and match with the Classic.  Classic is softest for sheets.

Here is a newly launched pattern called: Willow


If you like the solid in this photo, it is called Dahlia jacquard yet it is sort of solid looking.  I tell you just go and get some swatches and try something in this fabric if you adore soft sheets.  One thing is that the store may make you buy the SDH wash to guarantee time washing will not ruin the sheets.

The Legna fibers are more silky and thus tear less frequently. The only comment I would mention is that in the beginning that dryer will or may show shedding as the fibers get mixed with hot air and tumbles. Keep the time and dryer to mild temps with allowing some more air dry time.

Another great soft durable bed sheet is this concept:
Giza45: what is this? Another name for a thread of cotton is Giza.  And, this is superbly thin so that it is soft and luxurious to the touch. Being a luxury fabric, naturally is finished with hemstitch finish.


When choosing your next best set of luxury feel and sleep bed sheets, consider these fibers to create a den of silkiness.  You can look for sale events, or just buy them and be happy.  Days are not too long these days. Shorter days ahead with Fall behind for clocks and for everything else.

Stay well, shopping can be a fun activity at the shopping malls or not.  Online can be a headache.  Take your time and find your best fit for shopping the luxury goods.

Don't forget to stock up on some le blanc linen washes or that SDH wash as both are non caustic and bio degradable.  If you have laundry doubts dry clean is always an option yet machine wash cool is best.
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