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Anne de Solene percale fabrics originating in France include Vexin.  Vexin is a very nice purchase for gifts and for yourself. Read more

French tablecloths are beautiful. French designs are unstoppable. French designers get it and make it real, but what is a coated French tablecloth? Read more

Italian bed sheets are truly the ultimate sleeping experience, but do they need to be expensive? Do they have to be purchased in Italy? Read more

Business travel need not be boring when you get to go to France, especially the city of Paris. Find all sorts of historical markers at every turn. You don't even need a guide as the Paris street life will guide you every step. Read more

Silk - Duvet cover, Yes, they exist in the highest calibur of bed linens from Mastro Raphael Italy. This company really touts their horn for authentic Italian style in bedding.  See the silks and cotton blends from Italy. Read more

Le Jacquard Francais manufacturer of finest quality tablecloths and napkins is proud to announce their Spring 2017 collection. Stop and shop these favorites. Read more

Best gift to give to anyone you truly regard as a buff for the softest of anything being truly feeling soft, this is a task to master.  I find that the softest of them all in cotton blankets, besides spending for cashmere, is the all cotton brushed blanket in white or in ecru. Blankets cannot be topped for softness Read more

Peter Reed created bed sheets and duvet covers for the British and the Queen of England for the seal of approval. Those branded sheets are percale with crisp and cool feels.  Now over time, Peter Reed has become the Bespoke genius. Read more

Cold weather is a non negotiable time of year and just about happens on schedule with our fabulous newscasters.  So what to do during this time of chill....Find the best in down comforters. Read more

Sateen- softness, Italian, weave, feeling luxury, so nice to have.  Italian bed sheets in sateen are the most soft in feel and weave.  Some prefer the crisp and cool Percale, it is definitely a no contest to prefer one to the other. I say the Percale is wonderful for the Summertime and warmer climates. The Sateen is for the luxury shopper and the softness. But, how to give as a gift? You will never know until you try to give a set. Find one on sale, best yet. Read more
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