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As a fine faience china designer from France, Gien never ceases to amaze me. I find that it is very difficult to just pick one pattern. This line of dishes really makes it easy to mix and match. Read more

We discovered an item that we constantly give ourselves all year long to our cherished customers and then they in turn purchase them to give to their cherished friends! Read more

Yves Delorme beautiful Winter floral patterns for French bedding is on the shelves now. We love to share with you the fashions that are the winners! Read more

Best places to shop are hard to find because of the way marketing takes over keywords and blogs stealing the best avenues and making it their own.  Each time you search, do you find online distractions? Read more

DEA Italian designs now include beautiful natural floribunda of petit little animals that flutter about as if freedom is their thing always. Farfalle, Italian design will take you there. Read more

Garnier Thiebaut french designs for kitchen continue to be a spectacular view for us online and in purchases. Read more

Garnier Thiebaut created a Holiday sensational French Tablecloth idea. Wait until you see the splash and wonderful design. Read more

Calendars make wonderful gifts and great mementos for the good years that create fabulous memories of family and friends. Read more

Ever just want a French blue bedding set? French blue color that is from France in French blue? Yet have it soft and durable to boot! See this bed set that will please your senses. Read more

Provence is a favorite travel spot for me to see the true valuable life of the countryside and its charms.  Provence can be forever celebrated from the USA! Provence tablecloths are made in France to celebrate the region of France and bring to our homes Read more
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