Choosing the right guest bed sheets

Recently, I have been searching for that perfect guest bedroom set of Queen sized ivory sheets.  Now, Ivory is a basic color so choices should be pretty simple.  I discovered that this is not always the case.  I always assume bed sheets are all 100% certified cotton. Cotton is the fabric of life after all, as they say. 
 Cotton bedding for all sets of sheets are great. Cotton bed sheets can be really the best to offer your guests.  Be sure you are getting all cotton!  Bed sheets can be alternative fibers that mimick what you want. I always look for a brand that I trust, Matouk or Sferra.  Both of these companies are USA based, Matouk is based in the Upper North East as well as Sferra.  Now, their bed sheets are nice, really hold up over time, and you will make the grade for best host/hostess.  
 If you like Matouk brand, we find a best seller in the fabric 350 thread count Percale (crisp and cool) Sierra. Sierra is imported fabric that is made into bed sheets varying the finishing touches. Hemstitch, Embroidery, Tape are some of the choices.  Sierra hemstitch is a best seller in white and in ivory. Next is the Meridian tape choice, and then the embroidery choices.  Shop and really get a nice brand in Matouk.
 If you prefer an Italian Sferra luxury brand, the sky is the limit for finding your valuable guest bed sheets. Grande Hotel in many 2 row embroidery colors is a leader.  Grande hotel is white percale Italian fabric with choices for 2 row embroidery.  Have fun with your choices as there are quite a few.
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