Momentos of 2019

December can be a very tedious month with shoppiing, baking, parties, secret presents, and just to say Thanks.  I always enjoy the newness of each Holiday season for unqiue ideas in decor.  I find that the most lovely displays come from what already exists in the home that surfaced from that year and it's entirety.  Locally, we have to make room to walk around and to see lovely landscapes.  So with this in mind I added and subtracted with the remaining nostalgic items fashioned to the Holiday plants or Tree as I like to call it, Tree of Season.
  I adore the Owl (so smart), and the way the tree is frosted lightly wtih snow. I wish we could use Candles outdoors (would not work with the elements), The writing is on spot for who we need to contact.  The Season's Greetings in many languages says it all.amrg-1.jpg

Switzerland- reminds me of total Winter....Love this new design just on the most softest cotton from Europe.
Who wouldn't want to enjoy Switzerland scenery.

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