All Cotton softest blankets

Peacock Alley has a nice softest of them all blankets called " All Season blanket".  This is because it is meant for all seasons starting with Spring to Fall and Winter too. The blanket is a brushed cotton imported from Portugal.  Color choices are White, Ecru, and Linen (taupe).  You can find them in most luxury linen stores or even online here and there. Be sure it says Peacock Alley and made in Portugal.   If you cannot swing the blanket prices then you can purchase the throw size. The throw is great and can go just about anywhere.
 Throw blankets are great gifts for all shower gifts, bridal gifts, birthday gifts, and house warming gifts. Just a no brainer for knowing that everyone loves a nice throw that they can offer guests. Hanging around those throw blankets sure come in handy. And, can double in for a baby style gifts too. Easily washed and dried without too much effort. A nice touch is to add a little fragrance like le Blanc linen wash in lavender or in blue violet.
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