Cold weather is meant for Down Comforters

If you like to be warm during those cold months of the year and just cannot get the right way to do this while slumbering away, well I have found a great solution that works. Sleep is necessary for good health and well being therefore making it a priority.  Priorities come to us usually by word of reading so I thought to add a blog post about down comforters.
 The coldest climates really do command staying warm any way possible. Here in Minnesota, I have found happiness within the realm of "Down". Be it down vests, down coats, down boots, down filled gloves that is for me.  Now with the coldest of evenings, with heat prices soaring plus experts saying to keep thermostat down to 65 for best sleep best is a down blanket and down comforter.  How to choose those is the next phase to consider.
  If your climate is cold but not that cold, a mild summer weight down is okay. In that climate finding the right down is not so difficult as any duck down or light fill power white goose down will do.  Just that if you like a poofy look, you may just need to head to the more expensive styles in Canadian White Goose Down or Polish Down. That way you get the lofty poof with a custom light fill as it really does not require the tons of down to make the loft showy. High fill power in a high end down with high thread count ticking, get the loft and not the weight!
 Now, if you are in the dead zone cold climate, you may just need both the weight and the loft. Although, systematically narrowing this down can be fun. If you like a really warm down comforter, but not too warm where you want to throw it off then pull it back only to throw it off again, don't get the heavy weight. You can still play around with the white goose down, polish down, and siberian to hungarian just stay in the "medium weight" category for fill power. Fill power is great because telling you the amount of ounces it takes to make it lofty also can give you warmth factor. 
 I personally prefer a white goose down than duck down, and if I can afford it the "Canadian White Goose Down" is fabulous but expensive. So watch for a sale and get what you like depending on how warm you really need to be while slumbering away.
 Siberian is great as you do not need allot of it to accomplish warmth and it becomes lofty all by itself. Hungarian is great too. Polish if you prefer a more allergy free down. Moreover, always launder the down free from moisture and pollens that do occur over time by using a credited Down wash product. My choice is Down wash by Le blanc. It will remove all those allergans and pollens without removing the lanolin from the down cluster that actually keeps your loft. Same as birds need while bathing to keep their feathers new.
 Be sure also to choose from how the down is picked. You can and should find the manufacturers that are responsible for this type of products procurements. Sferra has chosen a company to provide their down products only with humane and clean procedures.
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