Naturally taking care of others and ourselves

Our Spring 2020 is not usual , I find that to talk about the beginning of the 2020 Calendar year is to modify modify and modify.  As we move into 2020 we have an awareness taken to heart that is overwhelming as well as needed.  If you find this new awareness to give it room to grow adapt or function on a system. Whatever your new awareness may be I hope it does grow and expand to be the best ever.  Our days ahead can be the ones to change our outlooks into home decor.  Find some great ideas to help your home be the best of 2020.
 Linen Wash is always a great product to have on hand for that PH balance in laundry for clothes, towels, linens and silks.  Le Blanc products are sold online as well as in store favorite high end linen stores.  The flavors are Lavender Lady, Blue Violet, Summer Verbena, White Flowers, and Fragrance Free.  There are some limited fragrances yet these are the best sellers.  Dryer sachets can enhance the aroma if you choose.  Don't forget the finishing touches of Linen spray starch Press, or Linen water for ironing. spalsh some on a cotton ball and in a drawer or closet for freshness.  Mostly priced to sell, rarely on sale this necessity will last and last as it is highly concentrated to use just a capful in a full load.

Now that the ideas are flowing it is a nice time to try to bring in the mix a new set of fresh tablecloths and napkins that we all pine after.  Table settings are important. I like to add and to make it a very useful setting one that is humble yet inviting. Stay is the idea, yes, keep your guests at the table in that social distancing.  The Spring 2020 launch of linens hasn't been in the advertisements online as usual because noone was in the mood. As we come into a regular mood for growing and learning, I find it time to try to normalize it.  So, in searching for Tablecloths some may say choosing all natural fibers is best. Those that are laundered and cleaned regularly (not paper products).  Cleaning or refreshing the Linens is better than buying disposable where you aren't sure of the cleanliness.
 Here are some ideas for the Table:
Duchess by Le Jacquard Francais   - 2 of the 3 colorways available shown. Beautiful cotton jacquards imported from France. Are top sellers, and do well in the laundry.
 Duchesse-2.jpg    Duchesse-3.jpg

Giardino in pink by Beauville. Screen printed cotton that is satinized and finished with a seal for colorfast.
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