Yves Delorme Down comforters

Yves Delorme cuts to the bottom line for basic comfort in purchasing Down for comforters/blankets to Down for sleeping pillows and stuffer pillow.  Stop into their Fall sales event that can keep some money in the bank.

Down comforters are basic for MidWest winter time to stay warm and keep the draft away.  Down takes in that air surrounding you making it warm.  Not like being out in the sunshine warm but cozy enough to enjoy a good nights sleep.  Here are some suggestions to consider when you are in the market for a nice down bed assortment.
Down pillows in various blends.  3 chamber Down pillows are a must see and have. Save your neck and your sleep time by finding the right soft, medium or firm filling.
YvesDelorme-DOWN_Pillows.jpg          DOWN_Duvet.jpg
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