Fall Table setting ideas

Mid West seasons are very distinct with Fall weather being of the rain and chill type while the 3 other seasons mean exactness too.  Fall being a nice break before the Winter freeze makes us bring indoors those beautiful flowers that have grown all Summertime, all those fruits and vegetables nurtured Spring and Summer, and of course pine cones or change of season seed pods.  Now , before we cover all those precious bulbs and shrubs we can think of still an outdoor event or 2.  This Fall 2020 seems unlikely of the later with out 49 degrees for a week!

Some ideas for Table settings that are universal include Placemats and Napkins, or that White or Ecru Tablecloth to be able to decorate, or a Table runner with nice Napkins.  Here are some Fall 2020 picks:

Garnier Thiebaut- Isaphire Purple.  Captures Fall sense of change of seasons.  Purple is a very
rich and deep tone especially with that pumpkin.  Elegance overload

Le Jacquard Francais: Bengale in tiger (I see October and November events with this)

Le Jacquard Francais: Jardin d Orient in red- Elegant plus

Beauville: Grand Soir peony   It is pretty and still shows that Fruits and Veggies theme. 
And, Grand Soir is created in a deep navy colorway.  Really nice Placemat/Napkin set.

Looking forward to some good food ideas and decorating ideas from the outdoors. For now,
we only can dream of how our Holidays will approach our homes.  Stay well and safe.

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