Linen Talk

Fall season brings in the sense of chill and of indoors so that our sense of decor is under seige for recreating the scenery that matchs our moods.  Fall weather makes us this way, yet being in the Mid West I think of hearth. Read more

Le Jacquard Francais manufacturer of finest quality tablecloths and napkins is proud to announce their Spring 2017 collection. Stop and shop these favorites. Read more

Garnier Thiebaut created a Holiday sensational French Tablecloth idea. Wait until you see the splash and wonderful design. Read more

Beauville has created beautiful tablecloth screened by hand and coloration perfection delicates once again. See their Beauville Spring sensational just launched and ready to order linens.  One in particular caught our eye for the stylishness of my Grand mother who knew the best only arrived in bundles! Read more

We just returned from the most fabulous show featuring the New LJF linens from France. Wait until you see them in their glory and splendor of achieving a level of Luxury plus.  Dining and Kitchen ware can only be rewarded now. Save time to shop for your favs. Read more