How to dress your Bed for Luxury

First decide that you are going to change the Bedding and not the rest of the room. When deciding on choices for Luxury Linens the first consideration is the Room that will be dressed.  See if the choices will co ordinate with the paintings and the carpets or other factors that contribute to the look you are after.  If the Painting has florals then you should not go to the Geometrics as much yet tend to motivate to the straight and leaf sort of woven gems.  If you room is more neutral than be all means stay into the neutrals by adding Natural Linen and Cotton.  Natural European grown Linen is the strongest fiber thus will set you back a few pennies and dollars.  The time it will last outweighs the cost extra to make this happen for you and your decor.  Choose an authentic manufacturer such as The Purists or SDH or SFERRA even Signoria di Firenze Italian luxury.  You can find those great names at select Stores in your town or online at  Shop European Linens finding what you want whenever you want at great prices or sign up for their newsletters.
  Where to start? I always start with the top and work it down to the mattress.  The top cover is what will be seen and seen over and over again.  So picking out the luxury Cover is where you put the money.  Some great Silk/Cotton ideas are from our favorite vendor SDH.  There is the Jazz Coverlet in silk and cotton, Allegro and the Sumi all being Machine washable just use a silk wash and follow the instructions to a tee!
  After you choose the Cover , then decide on how many pillows you can handle. Some take them off during the nighttime to put them back on during the daytime.  European Pillows are for the way back near the headboard or can be front and center to cover whatever is behind them.  King frames should use 3 Euros in the back and 2 in the front and center.  Queen frames 2 each front to back (although there is no rule of thumb) to be square with the 2 Standard or Queen pillows that have your pillowcases.  You will really get the look now so start to think about warmth vs cool for each season of the Year.  If you are in a cool climate, Duvet covers that insert the warm down duvet vs the warm climates that utilize a synthetic duvet in the Duvet cover. Good news is that you can use a Duvet Cover in all climates.  Choose your Duvet Cover then the insert is easy.  
 Duvet Covers are offered in an array of fabrics and styles, you may need to ask a friend or the store to help find your best pick.  At this point, you can pare down the spending as well.  Another item not to spare the coin is on the insert if down. The Down duvet lasts forever when laundered and protected correctly so spend as you may to get your best sleep warmth/coolness.  This is a great choice to get your new Master Bedroom to your liking.
Here are some tips.
Neutral Italian Thread Count Bedding by Mastro.  Quilted Coverlet and Shams cover to the floor with the soft Cotton Neutral Duvet Cover folded to allow something for the Cool nights. During the day, this bedding looks put together and right on when you are out of the house and then return to admire what you have accomplished.

If you need to add some color, Try to pick a nice Jacquard Woven Linen Duvet Cover that will look blended and cozy over time as it is laundered and worn into the look. As you see, the wall painted a shade that mirros the Duvet Cover makes this a great choice. Provence blue brass by SDH is available in a golden Dijon as well
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