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Lovely? Daring? On the edge? These are all considerations for bringing into the New Year just the right look. Read more

The giftgiving events of each year can prove to be very challenging.  How to find the perfect all around gift for each on your list. Read more

Finding it online for perfect Tablecloths can be a challenge. Here are some great ideas that have popped up along the way when searching. The finds are good. Read more

The end of Summer weather can put us all into a tailspin for the preparations of the Holidays. See what can help streamline this last few weeks. Read more

Enjoying the outdoors is the best way to spend the warm Summer months.  While enjoying your stay out of doors, try to envision your new designer self. Read more

Search to find those fabulous one of a kind look in designer Table Linens is definitely a feat. Read more

Green is a really remarkable shade of Springtime.  Usually, I like to think of the Green green grass of home.  Although, I also like to think of Green as a very inviting colorway for the Home. Read more

Well, when a gift is from the heart it is special.  Are you looking for that special "gift of the heart"?  There is a method to this that possibly works for everyone! Read more

Seems like our days ahead will be brighter than ever, so why not remember the bright spots of 2021 with emphasis on safety and on restful days and nights. Read more

Ever think of what can I give as a gift that will be great for everyone on the gift list?  I like to give a really great calendar and one that can be used in the Kitchen as well! I never get a oh that gift again!!  Read more
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