November 2015

Where to find the Brand name linens in a one stop shop is always a challenge these days. There are many websites now adays.  If you are in St Paul MN don't hesitate to stop in, the store is open daily except Sundays.  You can find just about all fabulous finer thread count Bed, Bath, and Table Linens.  Send us your selfie after visiting the store, we love to see your next purchase be the best one ever.  Read more

If you are in Paris France thinking where should we dine tonight, the answer should include at least one meal at the restaurant Terminus Nord.  Fine dining is fabulous and just about anywhere you go in France however this restaurant has the best response to serving with a smile even if you are American. Read more

Cheese is a very important part of French culture and dining experiences.  I have found from Goat cheese in a small glass to dessert trays strewn with varieties to the must pungent from the Lorraine region.  As a lover of good food, I think it is important to find your favorite things and so to say that this Compte cheese should be, if not already, on your list. Read more

Now that you have enjoyed your expensive and luxurious bed sheets that you have grown to love and cherish for the past 5 to 8 years, do you purchase another set? If you are purchasing the exact same set, you may be in for a shock! Sticker shock has been happening lately especially for those who have purchased the luxury sheet set at least $400.00 less. When was the purchase? Oh, about 5 to 8 years or more ago. Yikes, what to do! Read more

DEA Italy manufacturers Bedspreads and Coverlets with matching Pillow Shams. What is the difference between a Bedspread and a Coverlet? Well, the length of a Bedspread is to the floor. see them here and think how would they look in your bedroom decor! Fabulous colors to choose from, totally, custom made  8 weeks or longer. Read more

Laundry can be and should be a big factor when deciding on your next purchase of Luxury fabrics for Tablecloth and napkins, Bed sheets and Duvet cover to even the softest Bath towels on the earth.  Laundry can really save the way the fabrics feel and wear.  If you are using detergents with bleaches you may want to read further on a product that has been taking over for fine washables. Le Blanc Linen wash Read more