December 2015

Down comforters are great. I cannot say enough about the pluses of owning a nice comfortable down comforter paired with nice down pillows.  How to choose the right one can be a chore. Be sure that once you decide, you will be happy for a very long time using this great down product. Read more

Lacy fine tablecloths are hard to find just on the shelf even at your most favorite luxury linen stores.  Don't you just love to seek and find the best pretty lace that will make any table setting unique and memorable. Even become a hand me down to your family? Read more

Working with a luxury linen store, we get pretty much all sorts of questions regarding the mechanics of a Bed.  Mostly, the chore is to find the best bed sheets for the best cost to affordability.  This has been a major hurdle for most who regard bed linens as ordinary.  Read more

Madiera table linens are the custom made,by hand, exclusive linens, taking 1 year to create. One year was about 50 years ago, so why is it that now tablecloth and napkins will take 5 years to create? The people of Funchal have decided not to keep their training ongoing with the young women.  Young women are now seeking and training in more modern trades.  It is kind of sad for us who like to look at this kind of custom work. Look I say because the tablecloth priced at 30,000.00 are more than average priced. Read more

Beauville France offers the best selections for traditional floral patterns in linens such as coated Placemats, Tablecloths, Napkins, and accessories such as Trays.  The florals are vibrant and realistic in nature to present a pretty table setting for your table.  Coated Placemats are nice for that setting where spills are inevitable.  See all the Beauville selections for your next floral table linens purchase. We have some great patterns here to see, you will fall in love for them.  Winter time or Spring time, Beauville is supreme floral table linens. Read more