Finding our way in Spring 2022

 Here in Minnesota, the weather can determine the main mood for the day. Will we need to extra layer our sweaters and socks? Will we not need to add that extra layer of clothes?  How much laundry to create today.  In January our weather can dip into the negative degrees only to stay colder than normal from a Canadian Arctic blast for days.  This Spring 2022 that Arctic blast sort of stayed in the Arctic so we are very happy for this.
 Another really happy thought is that warm and lovely lofty duvet and pillows set just ready and waiting to be wrapped around for keeping snug as a bug in a rug (not really bugs aren't snug).   When I choose a down duvet there are many fine details to keep in mind to be sure of our long term comfort.  Yes, price is a determine factor yet do you really put a price on a good nights warm and snug sleep time? Down duvet and pillows can last more than 10 years with proper care so that extra few dollars to spend is worth it.

I always find the best comfort level with down products from Ogallala Down. Made in the USA , Down products need to show on their labels as a must.  I can show you my favorites here.

Take your time, be well, choose the best for you, and always remember that Made in the USA is definitely needed in purchasing your next Down Products.   You can start at the Top level of Down supplier as your comfort will be important.  In the past year 2021, we learned to be taking care of health with keeping up cleanliness daily.  

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