The focus is on the Green

Decorating with Greens can be tricky as no 2 greens look the same in daylight to evening light.  Green variations are great though because it brings in a dimension or another colorway that makes it shine.  Let's say Red is added to Green, we think of Christmas, Yellow added to Green we think of Flowers, and so on.  Green can always be the color in with another to designate that special event.

Here are some greens we like to think about.
Nature Sauvage- see the little kitty Cat hiding in the brush of this lovely Napkin.
Nature Urbaine - a more "city approach to seeing foliage". Celebrating!

Granny green apples- refreshing approach for St Patrick's day

Or, back to our Fruits Exotique that showcase those sweet treats!

Happy Green!! It is always a great way to stay happy and healthy!
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