Valentine's Day gifts are super special

February starts then we think Spring or we imagine a nice trip away or just to be thinking of the outdoors starting our plants to grow.  I know that February should be for that Groundhog seeing of that shadow or now.  Typically this is what I really worry about.  Each day being longer and brighter than the day before, this is important too.

When choosing that special gift of the heart I like to start with what is my budget. Since I may have more than 1 gift to send or give,  It is okay to say I can only spend $20 or $25.00 each person. 

Here is a nice idea:  French Tea towels that say "hearts" and Spring.  Spring is a time of year that says New!!

Amour- pink or blue.  Pink is traditional, lovely hearts all over the place with the center Heart of love birds.
Pink for a girl and Blue for a guy.  How can you go wrong? I cannot think of a more perfect gift.
Amour in blue-  Just a misty eye , love is in the air.

I really believe that this is a nice gesture to wrap around that wine bottle, champagne bottle, or accessorizing that homemade box of cookies or chocolates.  Being impulsive, try to add a few more lovely French Tea towels to be used daily to remember you by at the time of cooking precious gorgeous foods.

Another fine gift: French cooks love Aprons!!  

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