What is the best Linen for Tablecloths

Grandmother's travelled from their homelands bringing the Family Table Setting ideas that just could not be left behind.  A fashion that has evaded a few generations up in the North but not in the Southern states.  A beautifully set Table has always become the talk of the family year after year. We still talk about how our Mom's spent hours preparing the foods and then have time to set the Table with spotless Linens.
 Vintage linens are worth keeping just to say we agree with our ancestors.  We keep them in a box or shelf in our homes high above the temporary linens because we want to hand them down or keep the memory. Those memories can not be replaced nor can these linens.  Repairing them is an afternoon of joy. Laundering them we send them out to not ruin them.  It is true we do love the past Family dinners.  How can you not? It is where everyone learned manners.  Wishful thinking, yes it was true. Our traditions and how to act when out of the house came from those ancestors setting the bar very high.
 Easiest to enjoy their linens yet their is the fear of destroying them so we hunt for similar and new designs to bring into the Home.  I find the best Linen comes from the European Countries with the climate and resources to cure the flax into lovely woven Linens.  Belgium has hearty linen for Tablecloths similar to burlappy look.  Their linens are fabulous for Handkerchiefs with lace (if you can find them).  Italian Linen is a staple of the Country and a no brainer to find your weight of it. Linen can be heavy weight to light as a feather to see through it.  The thinnest linen is nice for formal Tablecloths (easily spot release and treat if white).  French Linens are fabulous jacquard woven damask styles that prove worth the spend. Find them on a sale to stock up as you never know when your favorite design will go away.  You can fly to Europe or just find that special local Boutique of European Linens.

Here are some great finds;
Plain Italian Whtie linen with a special border detail.

French Jacquard woven Linen - Voliere is beautiful in green.
Canterbery Linen for Bedding or Tablecloths - plain luxury.
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