Why we turn to new fabrics

Shopping was a great social event in our family.  Our local department stores, more formal than now, just offered the most awesome events. Fashion shows with delicious Pop overs were on the menu along with little light salads and sandwiches.  You were expected to dress appropriately and sit to enjoy the models parading the lovely outfits that were some pricey and some moderate.  The outting was enjoyed by many who never left the store empty handed or without a thought or two about enjoyment in the day.  Do we still get those days? When do we choose to forgo the Dept. Stores for small Boutiques that offer that same vibe.
 I admit shopping in the Department Stores is still a best vibe yet I don't go thinking this is an event highlight of the day or weekend.  Usually I head out to stores with a mission of finding something reasonable or something temporary that could be permanent.  Sale events are the motivation and some of that can be done online.  Never did I think that shopping together as friends and family could be anything other than a good days outting. Well that all changed these past few years.  We just don't go.  It is always a chore to get that out of the way or get it done.
 I find that Boutique Stores never let me down in a way that a Department store experience can for lack of words.  So many of those smaller stores have the ultimate in variety of goods that are well that are well thought out and seriously added to their shelves.  I wouldn't hesitate to think about a permanent addition when walking into my favorite boutique.  And turn around you will find the best Design trade professionals there too!  It is so fun and exhilarating to know that you are amoung the best in the city.  What could be the question mark? Only about the spend of finding your best in the cities home decor.  Be prepared, it is a spend and then some at times.

Here are some great finds on sale. I think best of both worlds in my opinion.
This is the ultimate in bedding - Silver/Gold/Tan/Luxury Cotton. Ultimate (don't ask price)

Jasmine Indigo- The ultimate in a deep rich blue yet smooth silky feel and look. Comfy

Hydrangea sage is the best seller for the past 20 years! This is an overlap luxury time.
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